HCHi There! I hope this page finds you at your best and thank you for stopping by 🙂

I’m a middle-age Asian woman, who is proudly climbing up from my own rock bottom – while surviving and struggling through each day in search of peace, joy and balanced life.

If you’re in a happy place of your life, I’m wholeheartedly happy for you.

But, if you’re not or if you’re going through the similar situation like me, please (please) remember that you are not alone in this journey. We can get through this… by training ourselves to become stronger (inside out), happier, more successful (of course, in our own definition of “success”) and more peaceful each day… by simply changing little things we do each day, which are our “habits”.

This tiny space on the internet will be an open-diary and notebook of my journey, where I can feel encouraged – while sharing what I experienced and learned to those who are in the same situation like me.

If you feel like spilling any thoughts, please feel free to drop your comments under my blog posts or join this Facebook Community I’ve created for all creatures of habit to share your plan, progress, tips and just anything on your journey of changing habits.

I wish you to be happier and love yourself more each day.

A Kreature of Habit

P.S, That guy on the horse wasn’t holding a real gun. So, don’t worry about it 😉